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ONB Automotive Repair is a local, family owned business in operation since 1999.

It is our mission to advise vehicle owners on maintenance needs and perform repairs as necessary. By so doing it is our hope to earn your business and become your vehicle’s service center for years to come.

Over the years we have seen & proven “preventative maintenance” is far less expensive than vehicle “repairs” and can often preclude more expensive repair costs. From what we have experienced, many expensive repairs could have been avoided with timely preventative maintenance.

Please take this opportunity to call Mike, Brian or Dave at (425) 317-9618 to schedule an appointment so we may save you some money (in the “long run”).

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Low Traction Differential Action

January 5, 2018
When the roads get icy, it is important to have as much traction available as possible. Your vehicle's differential is one important component to maximizing traction by letting your wheels drive at different speeds as you steer your vehicle. All Wheel Drive vehicles have more sophisticated systems of differentials, which are especially important to keep well maintained. Get to the slopes with confidence this season. Schedule your differential service today. (425) 317-9618

Winter Service Specials at ONB

December 16, 2017

Winter is here and like many people, you may have been busy rushing around this holiday season. Your vehicle’s “winter systems” like most, are likely to need some attention. More demands are placed on the engine cooling/heating and electrical systems & Preventative maintenance is important at this time of year. See your service professionals at ONB Automotive Repair for your vehicle’s “health check-up”.

Heat and AC Inspection

Check engine anti-freeze protection, inspect water pump, cooling system hoses, heater hoses & connections and engine seals and Service cooling system.

Most vehicles: $89.95 + anti-freeze

Diesel Vehicles & Trucks/vans extra, call for price

Oil & Filter Change

30 point inspection, inspect brakes, rotate tires and check/set air pressure to proper specs, test battery and charging system and inspect connections.

$179.95 value $99.95

most vehicles, includes up to 5 qts conventional oil; synthetic & blends are slightly more, most cars. Some trucks & other vehicles may be more

Don't Freeze

December 1, 2017
Anti-freeze coolant works hard in the winter keeping your engine's coolant in a liquid state as the temperature drops below freezing in addition to keeping your engine running at optimal temperature. You can contribute to your engine's cold weather reliability by having your cooling system inspected and serviced with fresh anti-freeze. We can even test your coolant's anti-freeze protection level to make sure it will do the job. Schedule your service today. (425) 317-9618

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